Friday, 12 July, 2013

Early Missionaries ( July 12, 2013)

                       ( 1 PETER 1:25 *NKJV )

                       EARLY  MISSIONARIES
       As you already know there are a vast number of men
  and women serving God as Missionaries in this World today.
  Without their valiant effort many in this World would never
  know the love of Jesus Christ!

     So today we salute those wonderful Servants of God, by taking a look at the Early Missionaries of the New Testament, and their Journeys to spread the Word of God.

   PHILLIP.....One of the first to preach the gospel outside
   Jerusalem.  ( ACTS 8:4-40 )

   PETER & JOHN.....They visited Samaritan believers to
   encourage them!   ( ACTS 8:14-25 )

   PAUL (Journey to Damascus).....He set out to capture
   Christians but was captured by Jesus Christ instead!
   ( ACTS 9:1-25 )

   PETER.....He was lead by God to one of the first Gentile
   families to become Christians.  They were the Cornelius
   family.   ( ACTS 9:32-10:48 )

   BARNABAS.....He went to Antioch to encourage believers,
   then went on to Troas to bring Paul back to Jerusalem
   ( ACTS 11:25-30 )

   BARNABUS, PAUL & JOHN MARK.....They left Antioch
   for Cyprus, Pamphylia, and Galatia on the very first
   missionary journey.   ( ACTS 13:1-14:28 )

   BARNABUS & JOHN MARK.....After a break with Paul
   They left for Cyprus.   ( ACTS 15:36-41 )

   PAUL, SILAS, TIMOTHY & LUKE.....They left Antioch
   to revisit churches in Galatia, then traveled on to Asia.
   From Asia they traveled on to Macedonia, and Achaia
   on the second missionary journey. ( ACTS 15:36-18:22 )

   APOLLOS.....He left Alexandria for Ephesus, where he
   learned the complete gospel story from Priscilla and
   Aquila.  He then preached in Athens and Corinth.
   ( ACTS 18:24-28 )

   PAUL, TIMOTHY & ERASTUS.....They went on the third
   journey revisiting the churches in Galatia, Asia, Macedonia,
   and Achaia.   ( ACTS 18:32; 19:1-21:14 )

       So, I hope that you have enjoyed this look at the
   early missionaries.  For without their efforts to spread the
   Word of God Christianity might not exist today!  Amen.

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